Data Recovery : Getting Best Results From Recovery Service

We are waiting for some time while the program will conduct a full scan of the data recovery system or selected areas. If the option “Enable in-depth analysis” was not selected, then the whole process will be quite fast, but the search results may not be complete. The duration of the scan also depends on the size of the files being recovered.

After processing the information, the utility will give you a summary – a window of scanned files with different recovery probabilities. In advanced mode (in the figure above), you can refine the search parameters – view the file before recovery (if Recuva reads it), run a reanalysis, or search in other sectors.

The green status is reassuring, but even if the color is red – do not despair ahead of time and check the box, paradoxes often happen with Recuva.

After selecting the files we are interested in, click “Restore”.

Important: After displaying a table with the results of the analysis and selecting the necessary files for recovery, the program will prompt you to select a folder where the files will be saved after recovery. It is not recommended (!!!) to choose the way to restore Linkedin data to the drive where they were lost, especially if a large amount of information is to be restored.

Additionally, you can connect a flash drive or a free hard drive, taking into account the fact that there should be a little more free space on them than what is required to restore files.

Data Recovery

The main features of the program:

  1. Restores files deleted from the Recycle Bin, files stored on external ZIP drives, USB drives, Firewire.
  2. Recovers files from Secure Digital Cards, Compact Flash cards, Smart Media Cards, Sony Memory Sticks, MemoryStick, SmartMedia, Jaz Disks, Secure Digital, Floppy disks, Digital cameras, etc.
  3. Detection and support of SSD drives.
  4. The presence of a portable version Portable.
  5. The presence of an active search field for specifying the name of the searched file or its extension.
  6. Recovers files of all popular formats – images, office documents, music, videos, electronic sheets, etc.

As an additional option, it is possible to select the mode for displaying scan results – in a simple list, in the form of a tree, taking into account the individual directory structure.

Download the free, paid or portable versions of Recuva from the Piriform website .

Advantages of Recuva : fairly fast processing of data arrays, simple, pleasant and understandable interface, easy installation and launch, Russian-language version, the ability to analyze found files before recovering them. The disadvantage is limited functionality, as it should be in free versions. Often, according to mood), does not restore files on which nothing was recorded.

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