Hard Drive And SSD Data Recovery Services

Creative IT is one of the specialists in digital Data Recovery Services in France. Our data recovery service is fast and offered at very competitive prices.

Our hard drive and SSD recovery services always prioritize data backup, whether it’s personal data such as photos or music or important documents, whether personal or for your company. 

We offer recovery service for important Data Recovery Services or data lost after accidental formatting, hard drive crash, virus, partition loss, software malfunction, unintentional deletion of documents, photos or a contact list or even sabotage.

We have all the necessary resources to guarantee a high recovery success rate to our customers. Once the data is recovered, we transfer it either to a new hard drive or to an external drive.

Our data recovery service supports all brands of laptops including Mac data recovery, Sony Vaio data recovery, IBM data recovery and many more as well as external hard drives.

The hard disk and/or the computer can be dropped off at our hard disk recovery center in Aix en Provence or sent by Colissimo. We also have a relay point in Paris at 38 rue de Berri, 75008 Paris.

– A weakening of the hard disk: this failure generally occurs after 18 to 24 months of use. It is for this reason that it is recommended to always back up your important Facebook data regularly.

– Mechanical hard drive failure: This failure can be caused by bad sectors on the hard drive or a drive unable to access the platters. It manifests as clicking noises or a blue screen.

– Non-detection of the hard disk when switching on: this failure may be caused by an electronic problem and require the replacement of the defective component by another identical one.

– A damaged hard drive: This failure often occurs when a laptop is moved while it is on or dropped.