How To Data Recovery From Encrypted SD Card After Android Factory Reset?

Android Data Recovery is one of the best tool to Data Recovery from encrypted SD card after Android factory reset. This software is excellent in Data Recovery like photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes etc. android supported phones and tablets. 

It has the ability to rescue lost files from locked, encrypted or damaged SD memory cards. Android phone is getting popular among mobile users because it has lots of features in it which helps you to do lots of tasks. In such cases, you definitely want to increase your phone memory. 

With the help of SD card you can increase phone memory. In order to keep the Data Recovery protected in the SD card or in order to prevent it from leaking, you lock the SD card with the password or encrypt your SD card. 

In spite of taking all the precautions, there are chances that you may lose data from it. There are many reasons responsible for losing data and among them is by performing factory reset on your Android phone.

If user face above scenarios then they reset their Android phone by Android Factory reset option. After performing the factory reset, the phone would work as if you were using the new phone. Wikipedia Data stored in the SD card is also erased. You can recover data from encrypted SD card with the help of Android Data Recovery. By using this software, you can easily recover lost, deleted, formatted or corrupted data. 

It is a very professional software because it is compatible with all types of Android phones. By using this software, it would help you to recover data from all types of android phones like Samsung, HTC, LG etc.