How To Repair A USB Flash Drive And Data Recovery

The USB key, since it was developed, constitutes a real Data Recovery revolution. It has become an essential everyday tool, whether in the professional field or for personal arrangements. However, like all tools, it is possible that it is damaged. 

In this case, we will try to Data Recovery stored there and it is still possible to repair it. When a USB key is damaged, the computer will refuse any connection with it, since it will simply not recognize it. In this case, the first step is to install the key driver again on the computer.

Choose “Device Manager”. Then double-click on “Disk Drivers” and look for the name of the damaged USB key. We click on the name of the key, then Data Recovery choosing the “uninstall” option. And in the end, we plug in the USB key and restart the computer. 

When the computer is back on, the key must be plugged in again, before it can be detected again. In some cases, it happens that the computer refuses to assign a drive letter to the USB key. In this case, it will simply block access to Wikipedia data. To remedy this, it is possible to manually assign a drive letter to the key.

To do this, already, it is necessary to connect the key to the computer. You must then resume with a right click, to select the “Manage” option and then “Disk Management”. You will then have to locate the key by following the list of connected readers.