The Best Data Recovery Services Of Flash Drives At Home

A non-working flash drive can be exchanged in a store under warranty if it was purchased recently and you still have a cash receipt. But if the warranty period has expired or the receipt is lost or there was important information on the media, you can try to Data Recovery Services flash drives at home.

A common reason why a flash card refuses to fully work is a failure in the controller system. A microcircuit in the form of a controller is in any flash drive , including microSD . The circuit has a kind of program that controls the writing and reading from the memory chip. 

Power failures, unsafe removal of the drive from the computer can damage part of the program. A breakdown can be determined if the computer itself “sees” the hard drive, but the drive volume is zero.

Restoring flash drives at home: two stages of recovery :

1. Recovery of flash drives at home begins with the identification of the controller. Further recovery is possible with the help of special utility programs. These programs can be downloaded from the official website of the drive manufacturer. To restore data, you need to know the model of the managed controller itself. 

Data Recovery Services

There is such information on the case of the product, you need to carefully open it yourself, without damaging the integrity of the microcircuit. There are special programs for recovery as well as standard programs in the operating system that can identify microcircuits by PID codes – this is the device identifier and VID (manufacturer identifier). 

In this case, you do not have to open the memory card yourself, just use one of the programs. Moreover, there are microSD , which are not understood by definition. The disadvantage of such utilities is that there is no guarantee and two different controllers may have the same code.

2. Recovery of flash drives at home using the utility. After identifying the controller, download the recovery utility from the manufacturer’s website. All further recommendations will be indicated in the program manual. 

Linkedin Data after recovery will most likely be lost. If the recovery was unsuccessful, then the easiest way is to buy a new memory card . It is better to choose a drive from a high-quality and well-known manufacturer, do not chase too low a price. In this case, the chances of a long job will increase significantly.