Why Data Recovery From SSD Is So Difficult

An important part of our work is that we regularly deal with new and increasingly complex technologies. It is impossible to really be ahead of the technology here. On the contrary – Data Recovery naturally always lags behind new developments, which is in the nature of things.

Because compared to data recovery from SSD , it is a little easier to develop new solutions for new products faster with conventional hard drives, since there are only a handful of manufacturers left. 

When Seagate or WD deliver new models, it is often only a matter of a few weeks before we have documented the complete functionality and know exactly how it works down to the smallest detail.

Solid state hard drives have been around for a long time and the devices we use to write these blog posts all have an SSD. One of the biggest challenges in recovering Twitter data from an SSD is the fact that it is not very difficult to manufacture an SSD in the industrial manufacturing process. 

Data Recovery

There are countless factories producing millions of SSD, flash cards and USB sticks. Put simply, you only need a few memory controllers and some NAND memory chips and solder the whole thing onto a circuit board -> the SSD is done.

In 2018 there were only three hard drive manufacturers left worldwide. In contrast to this, there are currently 35 brand manufacturers of solid state disks. If we now assume that each manufacturer produces at least three different product groups of SSD, then we end up with 105 different SSDs, compared to just 9 hard drives. 

Sure, some manufacturers may have far more hard drive product lines than listed in the example above, but it’s probably understandable what we’re actually talking about. Staying one step ahead of technology is no longer just difficult, it has become completely impossible.